Allahabad Bank Balance Check – Allahabad Bank Balance Enquiry by SMS, Net Banking

Allahabad bank balance check
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Allahabad bank balance check

Allahabad bank was a government bank that was established in 1865. But now all the branches of Allahabad bank are merged with Indian bank.
Since 2020, all the responsibilities of Allahabad Bank have been transferred to Indian Bank. In this article we can understand all about Allahabad bank balance check methods, process, features and benefits of Allahabad bank balance check.

How to do Allahabad bank balance check-

If you want to use the facility of checking the balance of any bank, first you need to have your mobile number registered in the account of the bank concerned. You cannot avail of this service without having a mobile number registered. Or if you want to check the balance of another account, you will not succeed. For this, you can avail of this facility from the registered mobile number.

People go to the bank for many purposes. These purposes include passbook printing, balance check, payment, withdrawal, withdrawal, FD, need for a loan, payment of the check, etc.
In the past, people had to go to the bank for this work but nowadays advanced technology customers can avail of these services at home.

If the customer wants to check his account balance at home, he can know the account balance by making mobile banking, net banking, SMS banking, and missed calls.

Allahabad bank balance check

Allahabad bank balance check

The method of checking Allahabad bank balance is as follows-

1. Mobile Banking-

Customers can also know their account information through mobile banking. For this, the customer has to download the bank’s app. Indoasis is an app of Indian bank which must download. Go to the official app of the bank and enter your PIN. Then go to the Accounts option and select the type of your account. ex. Saving, current, cc, etc. After selecting the type, you can understand the balance of your account. Through a mobile banking facility, the customer can avail of the services of fund transfer, bill payment, recharge, deposit, etc.

2. Net Banking –

As you may know, Allahabad bank is now known as Indian Bank. After visiting the official website of Indian Bank ( log in by entering the user id and password. After login, go to my account option, go to account summary and click. Then you can see your account balance.

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3. SMS banking-

To avail of the SMS banking service of Allahabad bank, the account holder’s mobile number is required to be registered with the account. Customers can register their mobile number account at home.
To register the account mobile number one has to send an SMS to 9223150150. The same number linked to the account has to be sent to Varun Bank by SMS.
In this SMS “REG (space) your account number” is sent to SMS 9223150150 then the mobile number is registered to the account.

4. missed call –

The easiest and most accurate way to check the balance is by making a missed call. The account holder does not have to do much in this manner. By making a missed call to 9224150150 from Allahabad Bank, the customer can know his account balance.

The account holder should call his registered mobile number to Bank. After making the call, the call is automatically cut off from the bank’s system and in a short time, the bank gets the information about your account balance.
This SMS contains information about the last digit of your account and the balance of your account. After calling this number of Allahabad bank, the customer also gets a mini statement of his account.

Allahabad bank balance check

Allahabad bank balance check

Allahabad bank balance check Features-

  1. Allahabad bank balance check facility is available 24 hours through Allahabad bank.
  2. Allahabad bank balance check is very easy for any person and any person can use this service.
  3. In Allahabad bank the account holder realizes his balance through missed calls so the customer does not have to pay for this service.
  4. Use Allahabad bank balance check facility. Customers can request not only a balance but also an account statement.
  5. If the account holder’s registered mobile number is lost or blocked, the account holder should immediately contact Allahabad bank and change the number.
Allahabad bank balance check

Allahabad bank balance check

Benefits of Allahabad bank balance check facility-

  1. No charges- If the customer checks through the Allahabad bank balance check SMS banking facility, the bank charges are not charged. If it is checked by missed call then bank charges are not levied, if it is checked by mobile banking then bank charges are not levied, if it is checked by net banking then bank charges are not levied.
  2. It saves the customer time as the customer gets information about your account at home.
  3. It is difficult for a disabled person or a senior citizen to go to a bank for a balance check. Therefore, this facility is beneficial for such a person.
  4. There is no time constraint for the customer to avail of Allahabad bank balance check at any time of the day.
  5. Account-holders can do Allahabad bank balance checks at home so the congestion in the bank is less and the bank staff can work efficiently and focus on other important things.
  6. Allahabad bank balance check can be done sitting at home so a lot of ecological balance is achieved.
  7. The customer of the bank gets educated about online banking and learns about most of the online transactions.

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