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Dena Bank Balance Check Number & 9 Best Features of Dena Bank

Dena bank balance check number
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Dena Bank Balance Check Number

Nowadays, customers want their work to be done in the shortest possible time. Therefore, for the convenience of the customers, the bank also provides various services to the customers. After just dialing a number, you know how much money is left in your account. In this article, let us know about Dena Bank balance check number.


Dena Bank is a government-owned bank. The bank was established on May 26, 1938. The founder of this bank is Mr. Devkaran Nanji. The bank was named Dena Bank after him. In 1969, it was transformed into a nationalized bank along with 13 other banks.

Dena bank balance check number

Dena bank balance check number

Balance inquiry through missed call09289356677 or 8468001111
Balance inquiry through SMSBal (space) Type the last 4 digits of the mobile number and send it to 8422009988.
Balance inquiry through net
Balance inquiry through Mobile BankingBank of Baroda’s M connect plus app should be downloaded.

Dena Bank Balance Check Number Process-

To check the balance in Dena Bank, first, you need to have your mobile number registered in your account. If your mobile number is not registered in your account then you will not be able to avail of this service of Dena Bank Balance Check Number.

In this article, we will learn about Dena Bank Balance Check Number and how you can avail of this service at home. At present Dena Bank has been merged with Bank of Baroda. So if your account is with Dena Bank then you can operate it from the Bank of Baroda.

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If you want to know the account balance, make a missed call to 8468001111 Or if you want a mini statement of your account, make a missed call to 846001122.
When you call this number, your call is automatically disconnected after a ring. And then an SMS comes to your mobile number from the bank. This SMS contains information about the last 4 digits of your account and your current balance or mini statement. The information is made available by the bank according to the information you have requested.

Dena bank balance check number

Dena bank balance check number

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Features of This Facility –

1. Free facility – No fee is charged by the bank for providing this facility to the customer free of cost by the bank.

2. Availability – This service can be used by the customer anytime i.e. 24 * 7.

3. Convenient – This facility is very easy and convenient for the customer to use. The customer does not have to face any problems with this.

4. Account Information – The customer can understand the balance of the current account, overdraft, or cash credit account. Customers can avail of this facility for all these accounts.

5. Limit of the facility – The customer can calculate his account balance three times a day and make a mini statement once a day.

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6. If you lose your mobile, your mobile number changes, then the customer needs to contact the bank immediately. It is beneficial for the customer to remove your old number and register a new one.

7. This feature is only available to resident customers. In other words, the bank has made this facility available only to domestic customers.

8. If a customer has multiple accounts and all the accounts have the same mobile number register, then the customer should inform the bank about his primary account.

9. If the customer does not choose a primary account, then such customer can avail only balance inquiry service. He cannot use the mini statement feature.

Dena bank balance check number

Dena bank balance check number

Benefits of The Facility-

1. charges– After the customer calls for a balance inquiry, the customer’s call is automatically disconnected through the banking system. Therefore, the customer does not have to pay the calling charges. The SMS is sent by the bank after the customer makes a missed call. This means that this facility is available to the customer free of cost. However, if the customer is using the same mobile number with multiple accounts, then Ashyveli Bank does not charge for one SMS but pays the customer for the other SMS.

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2. Time-saving – The customer only needs to make one missed call for a balance inquiry and the bank allows him to provide his account balance information instantly, thus saving time.

3. Useful for senior citizens– It is annoying to go to a bank like senior citizens and get your account information. Senior citizens are never able to spend money there and go to the bank, or stand in line, so this service is useful for senior citizens.

4. Full-time facility – This facility is provided by the bank seven days a week and 24 hours a day. The customer can avail of this service at any time.

5. Convenient for the bank too – the customer gets their account information at home, which reduces the congestion in the bank and allows the bank employees to complete their work quickly and pay attention to other important things.

6. The objective of Green Bank was achieved– The customer had to submit the mini statement on paper but this service minimized the use of paper so the objective of Green Bank was achieved.

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