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Ultimate Guide for HDFC Atm Card Activation and 2 Best Methods of Activation

HDFC Atm Card Activation
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HDFC Atm Card Activation

ATM card is an important part of daily life. Everyone should know the benefits of atm, the importance of atm, and the process of hdfc atm card activation. There are many benefits to ATM cards in our mind. Since ATM cards came into our lives, we are now experiencing that we can carry out our transactions conveniently.

HDFC Atm Card Activation

HDFC Atm Card Activation

At first glance, an ATM card is a simple plastic card. But because of its chip, it gets a lot of importance. With an ATM card, we can withdraw money from ATMs as well as do online shopping, and buy from stores that accept debit cards. We can use this card to withdraw money transfer money or invest money in FD in the bank.

Benefits of ATM card –

Before doing ATM card activation let us know what is an ATM card and what are its benefits? ATM Card is the short form of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). ATM card is made of plastic. The chip in it contains all your bank data. You can insert this card from the ATM and withdraw the amount you want or the balance in your account anytime within 24 hours.

If we go to see the benefits of ATM cards, ATM cards are very beneficial in today’s era. Through ATM cards we can perform transactions at a very fast speed. Any transaction i.e. withdrawal payment or view account information or account statement etc.

  1. No need to stand in the lines of the bank-

Since the advent of ATM cards, queues in banks have been reduced. People can withdraw money anytime at their convenience. They do not need to observe bank holidays. Therefore, since the introduction of ATM cards, the queues of people in the bank have reduced.

  1. 24-hour service available-

Through an ATM card account holder can withdraw the amount from his account anytime within 24 hours or deposit the amount in the account or anything else i.e. check the account balance and view the account statement of account. ATM card provides us with such facilities.

  1. No need to carry cash-

If there is an ATM card, the account holder gets a security. Carrying cash with you while going on a long trip can be very dangerous. If you have an ATM card, you can go to any branch or any ATM and withdraw the amount you want through the ATM card.

  1. Safety-

An ATM card provides security to the account holder regarding his account or his cash. That is, the account holders are given the PIN to use the ATM, and the transactions in the account are carried out only by using the PIN. That is, if the ATM card is stolen, another person cannot withdraw money from your account. Thus the account holder gets security.

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HDFC atm card activation

After the account holder opens the account he gets the ATM card if he wants. But Forcefully Bank does not offer this service to him if he does not want it. However, account holders who have an ATM card should check whether their ATM card is activated or not. When the account is opened, the ATM card is automatically activated within two to three days, but the ATM card is valid for a fixed period i.e. five years or three years. After that, it expires. We must reactivate such expired ATMs. If such an ATM Card is not activated you cannot avail any benefit of an ATM Card.

There are two methods to activate an ATM card one is online method and the other is offline method. We can do ATM activation online for those banks that offer online facilities. However, some banks do not provide these services online. Offline method is convenient when it includes some cooperative banks or credit unions.

To activate the ATM card offline, it is necessary to go to the bank and fill out the ATM card activation form. On this form, the account holder has to fill in the information like the name of the account holder, his account number, ATM card number, etc. After that, the old ATM card and this form have to be submitted to the bank. A new card is then issued to you by the bank. Some banks charge for this but some banks provide this facility free to the account holder.

HDFC Atm Card Activation

HDFC Atm Card Activation

how to activate hdfc atm card & Hdfc Atm Card Activation Methods

Let us know the information about how to activate an ATM card in HDFC Bank. If your account is in HDFC Bank then you have to understand how to activate HDFC Bank ATM card. We can activate an HDFC Bank ATM card by following some simple steps.

  1. Offline Method –

Go to HDFC Bank fill out the ATM card reactivation form and attach your old ATM card along with it. And that form should be submitted to the bank. Your ATM card is reactivated in two to three days. If you have a joint account, the signatures of both account holders are required on the ATM card reactivation form. This ATM card reactivation form should be filled out and submitted to the bank. In this form it is necessary to fill in the details like your name, your account number signature ATM card number, etc.

  1. Online Method

Account holders can also use online methods to activate HDFC Bank ATM cards. Only for this, the account holder must have the facility of net banking. Go to the HDFC Bank website and log in by entering your ID and password.

After login click on ATM Card Services option and go to Activate ATM Card option.

After this, you will go to the next page and on this page, you will be asked for your 16-digit ATM card number and your ATM PIN. So that you can access your account.

After filling in all the information click on submit button

After submission, you will get a confirmation message from the bank that the ATM card has been activated and your ATM card will be activated.

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What Precautions to Take After HDFC ATM Card Activation-

After activating your ATM card you should ensure that the ATM card is being used safely and properly.

ATM card pin should be changed first. If you think too many people know it or you’re not sure, you can keep the pin as you like. But you should not share this pin with too many people.

Account holders should maintain utmost secrecy regarding ATM PINs. Do not write down your PIN anywhere or save it on your phone or laptop. Because this data can be seen by any other person. If your ATM card is stolen or someone else can use it to withdraw money from the account. These are the most important precautions that should be followed by the atm card holder.
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