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How To Get Affordable Health Insurance And 6 Best Types of Health Insurance

How To Get Affordable Health Insurance
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How to Get Affordable Health Insurance

Changing Lifestyle Origins Nowadays new age is emerging. The way people live their lives has changed a lot. The newly emerged coronavirus origin appears to have caused massive loss of life to a myriad of people. With such growing health problems, there is a growing awareness among the people about taking out health insurance. In this article, we will see how to get affordable health insurance.

How To Get Affordable Health Insurance

How To Get Affordable Health Insurance

The person who has taken out health insurance does not have to worry about the cost of their illness. Each person’s income is different. He manages his expenses and insurance according to his income. It is beneficial for the person to take out insurance as part of their income can be taken out for comfortable health insurance.

How to get affordable health insurance-

  1. Health insurance in the budget-

When taking health insurance, the first person should consider whether the insurance is in that person’s budget or not. After looking at the coverage of insurance, how much premium will be paid for that insurance? And you need to think about whether paying this premium will give you strength.

  1. Paying premium as per installment-

Sometimes many insurance companies provide the facility of paying a premium with this installment to the customer. This means that if the annual premium is 12000, the insured can pay a premium of 1000 per month.

  1. Compare-

When it comes to health insurance, it is important to compare two insurance policies. Nowadays many insurance companies are offering cheap insurance so the insured should take health insurance only after comparing.

  1. Maximize benefits –

Most insurance companies end insurance policy schemes for the whole family. The benefit of such a scheme should be availed by the insured.

  1. Other benefits-

High life cover, long-term security, tax benefits at affordable prices.

How To Get Affordable Health Insurance

How To Get Affordable Health Insurance

Features and Benefits of Health Insurance

Many people consider taking health insurance as a waste of money! But tell them that the cost of health is constantly increasing and now if you suffer from a minor illness then millions of rupees are spent on your treatment in a good hospital. In this case, it is important to take health insurance on time.

So buying a health insurance policy for yourself and your family has become important today because the cost of treatment in most private hospitals is very high and you never know when the trouble will come! So hospitalization is enough to destroy the life savings you have earned.

So choosing a good insurance policy on time is beneficial for health-related expenses! Therefore, in this way, taking Health Insurance can not only be said to be safer in terms of a person’s health in the future, but also saves them from the maximum loss of money incurred due to the cost of treatment.

  1. Easy online process –

Everything from buying health insurance to making a claim is easy, paperless, quick to complete, and hassle-free. We don’t even ask for a hard copy for a claim!

  1. Extra insurance –

In case of hospitalization due to an accident and critical illness, the health insurance company will give you extra insurance at zero cost.

  1. Epidemic cover –

People are scared of the coronavirus so health insurance covers it too.

  1. No co-payment according to your age –

All plans have no co-payment according to your age. This means that you do not need to pay anything out of your pocket at the time of your health insurance policy claim.

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  1. Double Guaranteed Sum Assured –

If you have claimed your guaranteed Sum Assured once and unfortunately you need it again in the same year, it can be made available to you again.

  1. Cumulative Bonus –

You will receive an annual cumulative bonus for staying healthy and making no claims.

  1. Get treatment in any hospital –

Some insurance companies are affiliated with all hospitals in India and you can make a cashless claim in any of these hospitals. Otherwise, you can also get treatment in other hospitals by getting the facility of re-embossment.

How To Get Affordable Health Insurance

How To Get Affordable Health Insurance

Who can take out health insurance-

  1. For working youth

Health insurance plans are better designed for young people and especially for those who live in a single-family. In this, you are paid an extra insurance amount in case of accident insurance and other serious illnesses including maternity benefits. Choosing the right health insurance company in such a difficult time helps you to save your bank balance!

  1. For your family

Insurance is suitable for you when you want to play the role of Guardian Angel not only for yourself but also for your beloved family. Special benefits on a health insurance plan, such as re-fill some insurance, zone upgrade, etc. are ready to help your small or big family financially at every step.

  1. For the elderly at home

Whether you have to take care of yourself or the elderly at home, health insurance is worth taking out in every situation. Health insurance plans for senior citizens are ready to help you. Medical health insurance plans also have many other benefits like ‘AYUSH’ and home medical facilities which are designed keeping in mind the health of your aging parents.

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Types of health insurance

  1. Individual Health Insurance

Guys this is a personal health policy! Under this policy, health expenses and hospitalization expenses are covered. In this policy, the premium is fixed according to the age of the insured! Individual health insurance can be taken out for oneself or a family member.

  1. Family Health Insurance Plan

Guys this plan is extremely beneficial and acts as a safety net for the whole family! Anyone can take this plan for their whole family! This plan reimburses any member of the family for the expenses incurred in the treatment of many ailments.

The Family Health Insurance Plan provides a fixed sum insured based on the total family members.

  1. Senior Citizen Health Plan

This type of insurance plan is specially designed for the elderly i.e. it is suitable for persons who are 60 years of age or above which provides them security benefits in case of old age.

  1. Surgery & Critical Illness Insurance

This type of insurance plan is beneficial for people who are battling serious diseases like cancer, heart attack, kidney, etc. Because this type of treatment costs a lot and the premium for these plans is also very high.

  1. Maternity Health Insurance Plan

This type of insurance plan is for Baby Care! This plan covers pre-and post-delivery maternity care, child delivery costs, and up-to-date care of the newborn as specified in the plan.

Apart from this ambulance expenses are also borne by the insurance policy company.

  1. Personal Accident Plan

We all know that the accident happened due to caution. So many people have this insurance plan in advance, all the expenses of hospitalization would be covered under this policy.

Names of some of the best insurance policies in India

  • Max Bupa Health Insurance
  • HDFC Ergo Health Insurance
  • Bharti Axa Health Insurance
  • SBI Health Insurance
  • L&T Health Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance
  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance
  • National Health Insurance

How to get affordable health insurance

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