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How to Unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card in 1 Minute

How to Unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card
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How to Unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card

SBI ATM Card Unblocking

You will learn how to unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card in a very easy way. If your ATM card gets blocked due to any reason you will be in big trouble because In today’s changing times banking is considered an important factor in our life. Many tasks are done very easily and quickly due to ATM cards. ATM card is a very convenient way to do banking transactions. But sometimes the ATM card is blocked by mistake or purposely. At such times customers are seen to be very inconvenienced. In this article, we can learn How to Unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card.

How to Unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card

How to Unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card

In today’s world, ATM cards are very important. ATM cards are very useful for time-saving because every customer should do his transaction as soon as possible and not stand in the queues of any bank. Every customer’s time is very valuable. ATM cards have made it possible to save time of customers. Instead of standing in huge queues at banks, transactions are done at a very fast and easy speed through ATM cards. But sometimes the ATM card gets blocked. Today we will see in this article why the ATM card gets blocked and what are the reasons for it.

Reasons for ATM Card Block

  1. Typing the wrong PIN –

ATM PIN is the most important factor. Each customer who uses an ATM card is assigned a unique ATM PIN by the bank. No transaction can be done through an ATM card without this ATM PIN. So ATM card PIN is very important. Many times people are not serious about ATM PIN. People forget the ATM PIN due to laziness or carelessness and do not remember this PIN while doing transactions through ATM cards. Hence the wrong PIN is entered.

Usually, customers can enter a PIN only three times. But if the customer enters the wrong PIN three times, the ATM card is automatically blocked by the bank. Sometimes the cardholder’s card is stolen, and other people try to guess the ATM card PIN. At such times ATM card is automatically blocked after entering the wrong PIN three times for security purposes and the customer’s bank account remains safe. So customer should not share his PIN with anyone. He should keep it very secretly close to himself.

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  1. In case the ATM card expires –

According to the bank’s rules, the ATM card can be valid for three years and a maximum of five years. The ATM card expires after the customer has used it for three years or after five years. This card is of no use to him. So, an ATM card is automatically blocked by the bank after the expiry of such time.

  1. Technical errors –

Sometimes due to some malfunction in the bank’s system or some technical issues, the ATM card may get blocked.

  1. Uncommon Transaction-

Banks have complete knowledge about their customers. In this information, the complete details of the customer’s transactions in his account and the amount of transactions are available to the bank. So if ever the customer or any other person fraudulently makes a large transaction through the ATM from the customer’s account or makes an un-common transaction, the ATM card may get blocked.

How to unblock SBI debit card through net banking

After logging into SBI Bank internet banking, click on the debit card services option. Click on Debit Card. Select your card number and account number. After this click on proceed then enter the OTP on your mobile.

How to Unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card

How to Unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card

How to unblock sbi debit card by phone call

After you contact customer care follow the instructions given by them or talk to a representative. You will be asked for some information about your identity spouse. This information may include your account number, card number, and personal information. By using this method you can unblock your debit card.

How to Unblock SBI Debit Card

As we have seen above ATM cards can be blocked. There are various reasons for this. But let us see how to unlock ATM cards again.

  • Finding the cause of ATM block – First, it is necessary to find out why the ATM card is blocked. Because after going to the bank, the first question is asked to the customer by the bank. So the account holder should check the exact reason for which his ATM card has been blocked.
  • Means of Contacting Customer Care –The account holder can unblock his ATM card by using the customer care service provided by the bank. Or he can get information about why his ATM card is blocked.
  • ATM card unlocking by going to the branch –It is a very convenient option to get your ATM card unblocked by going to the nearest branch of the customer. You have to go to the bank and give a written application and according to that application, the bank unblocks your ATM card.
  • How to unblock sbi debit card online – If the account holder is using the online banking facility, then go to the bank’s website and unlock your ATM card.
  • How to unblock sbi debit card by SMS – If the account holder uses the facility of SMS banking, then the OTP is sent by the bank to the customer’s mobile number. Banks send OTP to customers’ mobile numbers for double security and this facility is used for customer security.
  • If the ATM card has expired-According to the rules of the banks, the period of an ATM card can be a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years. These rules may vary from bank to bank. If your ATM card is about to expire, it should be renewed before that. That means your transaction will not stop if the ATM card expires.

How to Block SBI ATM Card Online?

in case if you lost your debit card then You can block your card by calling the SBI toll-free 7008437208 number and verifying your identity by answering security questions.

  1. Step 1: VisitState Bank of India.
  2. Step 2: Login to SBI net banking portal by providing the username and password details.
  3. Step 3: Go to ‘e-Services’ tab and click on ‘ATM Card Services Option’.
  4. Step 4: Click on ‘Block ATM Card’ option.

Precautions to prevent ATM card blocking

1. Memorizing ATM Card PIN Number –

Many times the wrong PIN is entered by the account holder while using the ATM card. So the card gets blocked but the pin given by the bank is unique. That PIN should be kept strictly confidential by the customer. Correct ATM PINs should be entered while doing any transaction through an ATM card.

2. Monitoring of account transactions –

The account holder should keep a close watch on the transactions taking place in his account. If any malpractice is found, it should be pointed out to the bank. So that the account holder will not face any problems in the future and can use the ATM card without any problem.

3. Keeping account always updated –

Account holders should always keep their bank accounts updated. Sometimes the account holder’s mobile number changes, email ID changes or address changes, the account holder should properly and regularly inform the bank. So that if the bank wants to contact the customer, the bank can easily contact the customer.

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How to unblock sbi debit card through Yono

  1. First of all, you should download the yono app of SBI Bank.
  2. After opening the Yono app, go to the quick links section on the home page.
  3. Then click on the service request option.
  4. After this go to the block atm/debit card option in the emergency section.
  5. After that type your sbi internet banking profile password.
  6. Then click on the active card.
  7. After that type your sbi account number.
  8. After that, you should type the number of the debit card you want to activate.
  9. After that OTP will come on your mobile then enter there.
  10. After giving this information click on submit button. Your card will be activated. And you will receive a message on your mobile that the card has been activated.
How to Unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card

How to Unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card

How to unblock sbi debit card through atm

It is often asked whether a debit card can be unblocked at an ATM machine. The answer is that there is no option to unblock the card through an ATM machine. But you can call the mobile number given on your atm card and ask for information about why the card is blocked.

Conclusion –

Nowadays everyone seems to be using this ATM card. At such times, if the ATM card gets blocked, the customer has to face many problems. In this article we have seen information about ATM card blocking reasons, how to block ATM cards, How to Unblock SBI ATM/Debit Card and what precautions to take while using ATM cards.

This information will certainly be useful to you and you will be able to use your ATM card services without any problems.

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