What is a Bank Statement and 9 Best Key Points for the Application of a bank statement

What is a Bank Statement

Many times we have heard the term bank statement but many people do not know what exactly is a bank statement. In this article, you will find what is a bank statement.

What is a Bank Statement – When the account holder makes a transaction on his account, each transaction is recorded in the bank.

And with these records, Bank as well as the account holder knows how and when their transactions were done. That is why the records made by this bank are very important.

What is a Bank Statement
What is a Bank Statement

Many times the account holder does transactions but does not remember all the transactions, at that time the account holder takes the bank statement from the bank. A bank statement is useful to an account holder in many ways.

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Bank statements are needed in many places for filing returns, taking out loans, and checking the accuracy of transactions.
Bank statements generally record bank account information such as account numbers, withdrawals, deposits,  loans, and more by date.

Ways of receiving bank Statements

Many banks offer two different options for receiving bank statements – paper and paperless. The former is delivered to the home by post; The latter is sent via email.

Apart from that, the customer can also take a bank statement and print it himself through the ATM.

What is a Bank Statement
What is a Bank Statement

Application for a bank statement-

According to the rules of some banks, the account holder has to apply in writing to the bank for reconciling the bank statement.

In the application, the account holder has to mention from which date, how many months, or quarterly, half-yearly statement. You need to know how to write an application for this bank statement.

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1. Application for a bank statement has to be written in official mode.
2. The account holder has to write this application to the bank manager.
3. The account holder should mention the period for which he wants the bank statement.
4. First, on the left-hand side, the branch manager should write, the name, address, and branch of the bank under him.
5. Then write the account holder’s name and address.
6. After that, write the subject and mention the reason behind it.
7. The body of the application should be started by writing Hon’ble Branch Manager.
8. Name of the account holder and account number should be mentioned in the text.
9. Date should also be mentioned.

Procedure for the bank statements

We can obtain the bank statement of any type of account in two ways. The first way is through net banking, if you know how to use net banking, you can easily get your bank account statement online at home.

The second way is to get a bank account statement offline, you have to go to your bank branch and write an application for a bank statement and give it to the bank manager or bank employee.

After this, you can easily get a print of the bank statement from bank to bank.

Nowadays, many banks provide the facility of mini statements through ATMs or bank statements through SMS banking.

sample for the application of bank statements –

The Branch Manager
State Bank of India
address of the bank
Branch of the Bank
date- **-**-***

Subject: Regarding reconciliation of bank statements for filing IT returns.

I (name of account holder) am an account holder of your bank for the last 6 years. My savings account number in your bank is ****** and I request to get my account statement dated **** to **** for filing a return for IT.
Account number: ******
Thank you
Yours faithfully,
(Name and signature of account holder)

What is a Bank Statement
What is a Bank Statement

sample 2

Mr. Branch Manager
State Bank of India
Ajmer (Rajasthan)
Subject – To obtain a bank statement of the current account.
I am ___ (mention your name) and I am an account holder of your bank for the last 5 years, I have a current account in your bank.

I need a bank statement for the last 6 months to take a loan.
Therefore, Sir, please kindly provide me the last 6 months’ transaction statement of my account, for which I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you!
your faithful
Name – Write your name
Account Number – Write the account number
Date – Write the date of the application letter
Mobile Number – Enter the mobile number registered in the account

Q: How many days have bank statements been issued?

Ans: Bank statement if you draw online then you can get a bank statement immediately. But if you apply at the bank and get a bank statement then you can get it in one to two days.

Q: Through which medium is the bank statement obtained?

Ans: You can get the bank statement through net banking, atm, or by applying in the bank. Some banks also provide bank statements through the facility of SMS banking.

Q: How much money can I get from a bank statement?

Ans: If you are getting the statement through net banking or atm, then the bank does not charge you any fee, but if you need a hard copy of the statement, then the bank charges the statement fee.

Q: How many times can bank statements be taken?

Ans: 1 to 2 times a month.

What is a Bank Statement

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