What is PRAN Card, Pran Card Status, Pran Card Download Methods in 2022

What is PRAN card

In this article, we will see what is PRAN card? How to check Pran Card Status and How to Download Pran Card Ever since the NPS (National Pension System) scheme came into being, the PRAN card has started to be issued. The long-form is PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number). When a person joins a government job, he has to get a PRAN card. Even if the department changes while you are on the job, your PRAN card does not change.

The NPS (National Pension System) scheme was launched by the Government of India in 2004 for the future of government employees or their retirement. Under this scheme, a government employee can voluntarily contribute to his pension fund for his future. This scheme has been used for all employees since 2009.

What is PRAN card
What is PRAN card

Often government employees are still trying to get their selection done in a better place. And if you are selected elsewhere, then you have to submit your I card, medical card, or some other thing. But the PRAN card is not submitted. The PRAN card is your property so you don’t have to submit it.

As an NPS client, you can make periodic deposits to your pension fund account and earn market-related returns. Such returns are deposited in a large fund, which you can use after retirement. But to subscribe to NPS, one of the requirements that you have to meet is PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number), for which you will be issued a PRAN card.

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What is PRAN card?

PRAN is a 12-digit number assigned to all NPS customers. As an NPS client, you can only have one PRAN at a time and this is valid for a lifetime. You can use this number to access your NPS subscription details anytime and anywhere.

How to apply for PRAN online?

As an NPS customer, you can open a Permanent Retirement Account online by visiting the official website of NDLS (National Securities Depository Limited). It is an NPS registered CRA and acts as a portal for all activities related to your NPS account.

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PRAN card issue methods-

There are two ways to apply for a PRAN card online. You can apply using either your PAN (Permanent Account Number) card or Aadhaar card. The step-by-step procedure for both methods is discussed below.

What is PRAN card
What is PRAN card

1. Issue of PRAN card by pan card-

  1. To apply for PRAN with PAN, you must have a bank account with one of the banks listed for KYC verification.
  2. The name and address provided by you during NPS registration should match the name and address as per bank records.
  3. You have to fill in all the details in the PRAN application form, do not leave any column blank.
  4. Once you have duly filled the form, upload the scanned copy of the PAN card and the canceled check.
  5. Also, upload your digital signature and passport-size photo.
  6. Make sure you handle these before you start the PRAN application process.
  7. Once you have uploaded the documents and submitted the form, you will be sent to a payment portal to make your first contribution to your NPS account.

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2. Issue of PRAN card using Aadhar card-

The steps under this method are similar to the ones mentioned above, 1. for registration you have to go to the website of NSDL.

  1. If you apply for PRAN with an AADHAAR card, the only difference is that KYC verification is done through an OTP (one-time password).
  2. OTP is sent to your mobile number entered in the Aadhaar database.
  3. Once you have verified the OTP, all the details entered in your Aadhaar database are auto-populated in the online form.
  4. Make sure you’ve carefully verified the details and then upload the scanned signature.
  5. Once you submit the form, you will be sent to the payment portal.
  6. Once you complete the payment, the registration will be completed.

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How to view all your account information online from the PRAN number?

If your account is active but you do not know it then you can view its information online. For this, you have to register online with PRAN.

  1. First, go to the NSDL website
  2. Then you have to choose the I-PIN option below. So that you can create a password.
  3. Then enter your registered PRAN number and date of birth,
  4. Then you will get an OTP on your phone number. After entering it, you have to create a password and then log in again.
  5. You can also register online here by opening an account with the bank from this service.
  6. With the help of an online service, you can deposit money online, check the deposit amount of your account and also request for claim form here.
What is PRAN card
What is PRAN card

PRAN Card Customer Service

Since the PRAN card is issued to NPS customers, the NPS customer service system also acts as the PRAN card customer service system. For PRAN Card customer service you can contact by phone, by fax, by online email, and also by visiting the nearest representative office in person.

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Can I get more than one PRAN card?

No, You can only get one PRAN number / PRAN card as under the current rules you are only allowed one NPS subscription (split into Level 1 and Level 2 accounts with the same PRAN). Unlike an EPF account, you do not need to open a new NPS account when you change jobs, you can continue by contributing to the existing account. You can also easily transfer your NPS account from one location to another.

However, NPS and NPS Life / Atal Pension Scheme (APY) are not linked at present. So people who have both NPS and APY accounts can have multiple PRAN cards that can be merged later.

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Hope you liked the information about What is PRAN card. In this post, we have tried to give you complete information about what is PRAN card today, how to apply online for PRAN, and how to view all your account information online from PRAN number, and PRAN card customer service. If you like our post, then share it with your friends and relatives to help them.

What is PRAN card

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